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4 years on, work on Arin Bridge in Bandipora yet to be completed

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Despite the span of four years, the construction of bridge Arin Nallah is yet to be completed, leaving commuters to suffer badly.

Arin Nallah is known for one of the major water resource of Bandipora because of its vast width.

In June 2017, the construction of the bridge was started at an estimated cost of Rs 7 crore and was supposed to be completed by the end of 2019.

Locals told news agency that the bridge will connect several villages of Arin Block starting from TA Shah to Arin.

“We were very work when the work was started on the bridge. The locals applauded the efforts of administration because it was one of the major change happening first time in our block,” locals said. “However, the project has turned into a big disappointment.”

Locals said, children going to tuition amid harsh winter conditions face immense hardships due to incompletion of this bridge.

“Arin-TA Shah is the fourth bridge on Arin Nallah, it will be a big boost for the trade and also a big relief for commuters in reaching to their respective destinations in the shortest possible time,” they said.

Though the constitution of the bridge has been completed but the road on Arin side connecting this bridge to the main road of Arin is incomplete, thus unable for vehicular movement.

Executive Engineer R&B, Abdul Hameed Bhat said that the incompletion of bridge was due to narrow road of 6 feet on Arin side which is not sufficient for vehicles to pass on.

“There was an issue with some of the locals residing Arin side whose properties lies near this Bridge. They have been duly compensated but they are not ready to pay taxes. We are expecting to settle the issue till March. Once issue will get resolved, it will take us only ten days to start the vehicular movement on this bridge,” he said.