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Facebook Pages to soon lose their like buttons, focus more on followers

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They’ll also be getting a new layout, their own News Feed, and a Q&A section to interact with fans

One of Facebook’s most notable design cues is the like button, but the company will soon be doing away with it for Facebook Pages. Starting today with an unspecified amount of pages, there will be a new design, a dedicated News Feed, a Q&A format, and more that Page managers will be able to utilize.
The most significant change with this refresh is the removal of the like button and like count, which is pretty shocking given that the like button has been a hallmark of Facebook’s for over a decade. Facebook says that this will help Page managers get a better idea of their actual fanbase, which makes sense; there are a ton of pages I “liked” many years ago that I have since unfollowed. Instead, Facebook users will only be able to follow Pages soon, and Pages will be able to follow accounts as well. Visually, Pages are getting a refresh, which Facebook says will make it easier for followers to see bios and posts.

Facebook Pages will also be getting their own News Feed, which is where they’ll see posts and updates from the accounts they follow. Comments from Pages will be shown at the top of comments sections, and there will be a follow button next to those comments. There will also be a Q&A function that Page managers will be able to use to better field questions from fans.
Lastly, Page management will gain a bit of functionality; managers will be able to choose precisely which sections (Insights, Ads, Content, and Community Activity & Messages) each person will be able to control. Additionally, Facebook says that it’s also improving detection of hate speech and impersonation, as well as violent, sexual, and spam content. It’s also continuing to give out verified check marks to help with impersonation
All of these changes are apparently rolling out today, with a broader rollout coming in the coming months.

Reported By Tajamul Khan