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Kashmir seethes in anger over Rizvi’s ‘Blasphemous’ remarks over Quran

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He should be arrested: Grand Mufti Nasir-ul-Islam; No power on earth can change even one word of holy Quran, but failed; Rizvi a non-entity, Muslims should ignore him, says Alama Hami; Allah himself protector of holy book, none can change anything in it: Moulana Rehmatullah; Scholars urge people maintain calm not to resort to any violence

Jammu and Kashmir’s religious scholar have come down heavily on Waseem Rizvi for approaching supreme court to delete 26 verses of holy Quran, stating that Rizvi’s assertions are totally blasphemous, unacceptable and that he should be arrested immediately.

Kashmir’s Grand Mufti Nasir-ul-Islam said that Quran teaches brotherhood and rejects all forms of violence. “Waseem Rizivi hasn’t understood the Quran and is instead speaking against it. Our beloved Prophet (SAW) after conquering Makah, stated (La Yasrib Al-Qumul Youm…..—forget whatever wrong you did so far, I forgive everyone). This is mentioned in the quran and is clear example Quran teaches forgiveness not violence,” Mufti Nasir said, adding that the Iran government must act quickly against Rizvi and arrest him for his blasphemous remarks and hurting the religious sentiments of billions of people across the globe.

The Grand Mufti urged people to maintain discipline, remain calm and to register protest peacefully.

Karwan-e-Islami International patron Alama Sheikh Ghulam Rasool Hami said that in the past many people tried to change verses of holy Quran but failed. “Allah himself is the protector of this holy book, which doesn’t teach violence by love and forgiveness. Quran is a complete way of living and will remain till Qayamah (doom’s day). Muslims across the globe shouldn’t give much importance to Rizvi, who is a non-entity,”Alama Hami said. He said no power on earth can change even one word of the holy quran let alone Rizvi.

Pertinently, Rizvi has moved to Supreme Court seeking deletion of 26 verses from the holy Quran on the pretext that “these verses teach hatred, violence and terrorism.” Patron of Darul Uloom Rahimiya Bandipora Moulana Rehmatullah Qasimi said: “There is no scope of any discussion on the issue as things are quite clear. When he himself has stated in quran that he will protect the holy book, what else is needed. None can change anything (in Quran) as Allah himself is its protector.”

Meanwhile, Rehmatal Lil Aalameen (SAW) Foundation staged a protest in press colony. “Rizvi has once again hurt the sentiments of Muslims. He is not a Muslim and our demand is that he should be hanged, sooner the better,” said Sheikh Firdous, who was leading the protest march.

Kashmir’s religious scholars have, however, appealed to maintain calm, control their emotions, and not to resort to any sort of violence. Widespread condemnations continue to pour in from different religious organizations of Kashmir.