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Less visibility, snowfall disrupts flight operations at Srinagar Airport

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14 flights cancelled today: Airport Authorities

The less visibility coupled with light snowfall disrupted the air traffic at the Srinagar airport resulting in the cancellation of 14 flights.

Airport officials said that flight operations were resumed at the Srinagar Airport after it remained temporarily suspended for a few hours due to less visibility and snowfall while many flights were also rescheduled for the day.

“Flight operations at the Srinagar Airport were delayed because of light snowfall and less visibility in the morning. Out of 28 flight movements only 14 flights operated and 14 flight movements were cancelled,” the official said.

Earlier Srinagar Airport authorities in a tweet had stated: “Falling snow, mist and fog reduces visibility on the ground and in the air, snow and ice reduce braking action on the runway which creates hindrance in flight operation.@Aaisnrairport team relentlessly on job amid snowfall. @AAI_Official.”

The official said that though the runway was cleared early, however, to wait for the improvement in visibility, it took some time for resumption of flight operations.